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Ritnes Chemicals & Minerals

Ritnes Chemicals & Minerals is a global sourcing and distribution company providing chemicals & minerals solutions to our customers in a wide range of industries. We specialize in customizing plans to coordinate the purchase and delivery of products and services.


Ritnes Chemicals deals in a wide range of chemicals sourced from reputed global manufacturers with the competitive price structure.

Minerals & Ores

Ritnes Minerals distribution offers a variety of minerals including, primitive ores for the various industries.


Can supply specialty chemicals & raw materials by drawing upon our unrivalled expertise and sophisticated manufacturing vendors around the world.

Supply Chain

Ritnes Chemicals & Minerals creates value for our customers by providing additional services that help to strengthen our customer’s supply chain activity.

Our Customers Are At The Centre Of Our Product And Process Innovation Our Goal Is To Conserve And Optimize These Uniquely Occurring Natural Resources.


With established network and strategic alliances with key manufacturing chemical companies around the globe, we can meet the chemical needs of our customers world-wide, while providing on time delivery, superior quality products and value added services.


Facilitator’s of the best price for the sourced chemicals through our established network and Provide security through supplier audit and pre-shipment inspection services



Our sourcing service works to serve our customers and can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the product on an individual basis.

Chemicals & Minerals

Ores & Concentrates


Vast years’ experience in global sourcing of chemicals in addition to expertise in custom blending, packaging, supply chain, logistics and exceptional customer service.


Integrity and a genuine sense of caring are the basis for our continued strength in building partnerships and lasting relationships

Industrial Minerals

We supply list of industrial minerals and rare earth component’s; to find the list of minerals download the attachment and if you have any specific mineral, send us email with your specification.

Ores and Concentrates

We have developed a strong position in Chrome and Manganese ores and concentrates for the international metallurgical industry. Chromium is sourced from South Africa as well as other major producers in Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Oman


Our speciality chemicals services help you to understand your products' technical and performance attributes and meet regulatory compliance. Specialty chemical innovation depends on uniting technical and performance attributes.

Up-Right benefits of sourcing

Sourcing your chemical & mineral needs is not only a better pricing process. It can help you to eliminate unwanted processes that will help the companies to concentrate on the internal segments.



We get you the suppliers for hard-to-find chemicals & minerals


We maintain product quality through our quality control analysis service

Audit & Inspection

We provide security through supplier audit and pre-shipment inspection services


We ensure timely delivery by providing logistical support.

Highlights of Ritnes Chemicals & Minerals

It is our priority to understand the expectations and technologies of customers as well as their own customers. Our close relationships, expertise in technical, research and marketing develop sustainable technical solutions and stimulate innovation.

Each customer, from corporations to fast-growing start-ups, receives close individual attention and fully customised solutions and service. In order to develop solutions to precise applications, we transform them to obtain the desired properties using complex, constantly optimised processes to increase performance and competitiveness.

Crucial Properties

The solutions we supply provide crucial functions through their mechanical (wear, magnetic, resistance, density, rheology), optical (whiteness, opacity, colour), chemical (purity, conductivity), absorbent, thermal and filtration properties.

Mineral Processes

Mineral experts are committed to exceed your expectations with accurate, timely, helpful service and tailored mineral solutions. They develop these properties through a series of conversions including milling, grading, drying, calcining, sintering, melting, bleaching, flotation, as well as separation, pressing, extrusion, granulation and casting.


RITNES CHEMICALS & MINERALS quality policy has always been to provide the best service, compliance with regulation and to apply needs of its partners. In parallel, the company is engaged in the program “Responsible Care” who’s the objective is the permanent improvement of the management of hygiene, safety, and environment.


Protecting people is top priority so we are committed to formulating and providing products that will help eliminate worker exposure to highly toxic and hazardous materials. We are guided by innovation and sustainability and continuously invest in the use of renewable raw materials and clean technologies. We continue to challenge our approach to quality, health, safety and environment management and look at innovative ways to improve performance for a safe workplace and set the industry benchmark.

Our Commitment

RITNES CHEMICALS & MINERALS is to building beneficial partnerships with customers, employees and suppliers. Conducting business with honesty and respect. Understanding our customers’ requirements by providing zero-defect products Meeting our customers’ needs with on-time deliveries. Providing added value to our customers and suppliers with creative and cost-efficient ideas. Fostering an environment for our employees that encourages and rewards productivity, creativity and teamwork.

Distribution of Industrial minerals

Industrial minerals are used in abrasives, absorbents, agricultural additives, ceramics, chemicals, drilling mud, electronics, filtration media, flame retardants, glass, paint, paper, metal castings, pigments and synthetic fibres. Serving the following sector’s

Industrial & Manufacturing


Metal Casting & Production


Chemical production

Paint and coatings

Ceramics & Refractories

Filtration and Water Production

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Download the brochure to find out the chemicals which you look for,if you couldn’t find the chemicals on the list. Please email it to us with your specification and quantity. We will get back to you in 24hours.

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